Integrative Palmistry - Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis

Hand analysis is an amazing and accurate self assessment tool/process that can determine one's life purpose or direction as well as general and specific challenges that need to be overcome in order to manifest purpose and direction in your life.

Hand analysis evolved from palmistry, but rather than telling you your future, Hand Analysis tells you more about yourself so you can proactively create a better future by honoring your authentic self. 

Medical Doctors have conducted studies linking fingerprint and line patterns to various medical and psychological conditions. It was then developed by Richard Unger for personal growth and the International Institute of Hand Analysis was formed.

The Integration

The Meyers-Briggs personality typing system based on Carl Jung's original typing system was further developed by David Keirsey and wonderfully described in his book Please Understand Me II.

This typing is done by first taking a test and then working with you to eliminate any discrepancies.

This personality typing will tell you how to incorporate your life direction.

How it works

  • First I examine your hands and make observations and take prints unless I'm doing a quick read.
  • I then analyze the prints for specific information and have you take the Keisey type test for personality and then link it all together for the reading.
  •  I then sit down with you for the reading.
  • Additional sessions are available if you need more help.                 

The Benefits

 By going through the process described above you will be able to:

  • Make better decisions that honor who you really are inside, the authentic you.
  • Help you to stop sabotaging yourself from getting to a fulfilling life.
  • Make better choices in relationships, by stepping into your true self.
  • Create better relationships by truly understanding each other.


Integration Reading:

  • This includes an intake session of examination, hand printing and test.
  • Analysis and note taking from the prints and personality testing for the reading.
  • 1 hour reading.
  • Additional sessions are available.
  • Total Cost: $200

Basic Read:

  • This includes examination, without printing.
  • 1 hour reading at same time giving you Life Purpose or direction and  Life Lessons or challenges that need to be overcome.
  • Total Cost: $100


Quick Read:

  • This includes examination, without printing.
  • 30 minute reading at same time giving you Life Purpose or direction and  Life Lessons or challenges that need to be overcome.
  • Total Cost: $60
  • You can also continue with other packages and I will credit what you have already paid.

  • Call Eric @ 720-999-2939 for more info.